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School Performance

Our school is unique. We teach and care for the girls in equal measure. We are not, and refuse to be, an exam factory. We provide excellent education and pastoral support, a combination that ensures our students leave school with a sense of their own giftedness and achievement, equipped to face the future.

Progress 8 was introduced in 2016 for all schools with the intention of ensuring students are studying a broad and balanced curriculum.  It was introduced in order to emphasise students’ progress, to ensure that every student receives the same amount of attention from teachers and are pushed to achieve their full potential. Progress 8 and and Attainment 8 can now be used alongside each other to measure student's learning.

We are particularly proud of our Progress 8 score, provided by the Department for Education (DfE). This score demonstrates how well students have progressed academically from the end of Year 7 to Year 11. Our score of 0.99, means that students achieved almost a full grade higher than the national average, across eight subjects, including English and Maths.   

According to the DfE, this is well above average, achieved by just 14% of schools in England.  This outperformance is down to the hard work and dedication of our students, parents and teaching staff. 

Attainment 8

While Progress 8 is a measure of the progress children make between the end of primary school and the end of secondary school.    The Attainment 8 score measures the achievement of an individual student across their eight best performing subjects. The Progress 8 score measures how well they’ve progressed since their time in secondary school compared to their peers who were at the same level as them at key stage two. 

In Hammersmith and Fulham, the average points score per student for all GCSE qualifications across eight subjects, including English and Maths was 46.7.  Sacred Heart's Attainment 8 score amounted to 65.1. 

School and College Performance Tables

Please see below a link to the school and college performance tables for Hammersmith and Fulham.

School and College Performance Tables - Hammersmith & Fulham